Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis pain is the most difficult part of life with this disease. Though medicines may relieve the pain, they may not completely stop it. Constant pain makes your whole life miserable.

Most of the rheumatoid arthritis patients face frequent or ongoing pain. Though these patients cannot avoid this pain, they can certainly bring the situation under their control.

The first thing you can do to manage your rheumatoid arthritis pain is understand it in depth. The types of pain in rheumatoid arthritis vary. They are acute pain from inflammation, pain arising from joint damage and exacerbation of pain. The acute inflammatory pain is the pain that comes with a flare of the disease, with which the rheumatoid arthritis patients are well acquainted. The joint damage which occurs in the course of time while living with rheumatoid arthritis gives pain, though the disease may not be active as such. And exacerbation of pain is that which is due to the mental stress, which comes because of living with pain for a long time. This increases the severity of the pain mentally, more than it actually is.

Most of the rheumatoid arthritis patients experience all these types throughout their life. To cope up with this pain there are educational programs available which train these patients. The programs render benefits like giving all the information about the rheumatoid arthritis pain, acquiring skills of coping with the pain when you actually experience it and getting trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy or biofeedback. This therapy teaches you to reduce the feeling of pain mentally.

You should first remember not to panic when the pain approaches. You have to consider it as a signal for taking positive action. You will have to struggle with the pain and that enables you to reduce the pain, though not eliminate it completely. A number of tools too are available to help you manage pain. You should try all of them and find out which is the best suitable for you. You will have to experiment to find out the right tool particular for your type of rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Firstly, you have to remember that instead of taking pain-relievers when the pain arises, you should take them on a schedule. Severe pain may require higher doses of NSAIDs, although because of the side effects, higher doses cannot be taken.

Secondly, meditation and relaxation play an important part. Avoid stress with meditation and train your mind to relax. Meditation is a skill which can be acquired by practice and it helps in relieving pain.

Thirdly, distraction of the mind from pain is also very helpful. When pain arises, you unknowingly concentrate all your attention towards it and that makes it worsened. You can train yourself to do things of your liking when flare comes. You can also do an activity which will keep you busy enough not to get time to think about the pain.

Fourthly, the tried and tested heat, cold and massage methods that really work. They are easy and offer quick relief in case of mild rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Thus with a good trained mind and right medication you can learn to manage rheumatoid arthritis pain.